Passing The Torch

Ep. 25: Fluid and Creative Solutions from A to Z with Lacey Alexander

November 05, 2022 Martin Foster / Lacey Alexander Season 1 Episode 25
Passing The Torch
Ep. 25: Fluid and Creative Solutions from A to Z with Lacey Alexander
Show Notes

Lacey Alexander, is a 21-year veteran of the United States Air Force. After retirement, Lacey spent 6 months of intentional work to transition from SMSgt Alexander to Lacey Alexander. Through coaching, self-reflection, and continuous learning she was able to define her values and vision to launch her own business and refine her focus to live in her purpose.

In this episode, Lacey discusses trends from military personnel as they transition from uniform to the civilian sector. Additionally, Lacey highlights how she reinvented herself and brought different parts of her experience to the business side.

Lastly, Lacey shares the knowledge passed to her from people she encountered during this journey and how a past failure benefitted her today.


She now operates her Coaching, Consulting and Leadership Development business, Creative Solutions A2Z, focused on helping individuals and organizations succeed. Lacey also holds a number of roles in executive coaching, writing curriculum, doing instructional design, and teaching courses in partnership with companies such as Sayge, Resilience Building Leader Program (RBLP), Rutgers University, Freedom Learning Group and The Ira C. Eaker Center for Leadership Development. Her overarching goal is to live a life continuing to grow, and supporting others on their growth journey.

Lacey is focused on helping others through the process of discovery while partnering with clients to uncover their values, strengths and goals to identify gaps and provide development opportunity. Lacey uses the art of education to help people grow to be better communicators, team players, and leaders. This endeavor is achieved by cultivating Lacey’s experience with cross-cultural competence embedded a passion to embrace diversity and foster inclusive environments to genuinely connecting with people.

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